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Leaders always look toward the future.

More than 20 years ago, our company’s founder, Tim Abel, pioneered a revolutionary sales training program for businesses of every size while as a banker. Overtime, he had watched the development in the industry and had followed closely with all skills relevant for the development of businesses across board. Today, our proven business development, marketing and sales program has made us a leader in marketing and sales niche, with hundreds of micro, small and medium scale businesses as well as professionals and influencers in relevant areas of human services throughout Nigeria and some West African countries across the globe.

While much has changed in the business world since then, Rocket Sales has always kept pace. Under the leadership of Tim Abel, President/CEO, Rocket Sales With You continues to innovate. In that spirit, we recently launched online reinforcement tools that our franchisees can use in addition to face-to-face support. And we will continue to incorporate online reinforcement, online consultation and supports and increased mobile availability.

With our unique reinforcement model, our Franchise Partners can give businesses a competitive advantage by helping create a highly performing sales outcome and inspiring business development experience and leadership to excellence.

  • 2021

    Tim Abel developed the Marketing With Tim Abel Selling System® methodology and created the concept of ‘Marketing & Sales reinforcement training’ to support it.

  • Early 2015

    Tim Abel went on to create a series of proven Marketing & Sales programs for Micro, Small, Medium & Large Scale companies as well as High Networth & High Profile Individuals.

  • 2017

    Tim Abel expanded the Marketing & Sales Supports into other business areas to include products and services indigenous to the Nigerian Market and incorporated it into the Research Findings Project of Trump-Hills International Group®.

  • 2019

    The company’s name was changed to Rocket Sales With You Selling System® to more accurately reflect the diversity of our Product and Services Offerings, which have expanded beyond just marketing and sales consult to include management, leadership, negotiating skills, customer service, executive marketing and sales supports services using the social media marketing agency as our bedrock for partnerships.

  • Today

    Rocket Sales With You Social Media Marketing Agency is an organization with a rich history that dominates the global Marketing and Sales market. We have more than 10 Top Performing Clients In Their Various Niches/Industry Nationwide Including E-Commerce Companies, providing consultations, and supports to aid their successes in chosen areas. And a handful of High Profile Personalities across the country.