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05 Nov 2020

Selling With Social Media

Have you thought about increasing the sales of your products in recent times with social media platforms?

What is keeping you from taking advantage of this massive opportunity in your palm?

The rate at which people are now moving towards the internet lately has increasingly become a necessity for every business owner to think in this direction too.

So, today, I want to give you a heads up about a few areas you must consider when starting out with selling using social media.

Basically, there are hundreds of social media applications online where people meet on a per-second basis.

But for our country and the types of people who really are your target audiences, you must consider locating your business in just 4 social media platforms as you start.

The first is Facebook.

Facebook is one of the best and surest places to start with.

Of course, these others I am going to be talking about are fast movers with a lot of patronages that you must leverage on, but Facebook has so much to offer that these others can’t at the moment.

So, start by creating a Facebook page first. I have talked about this in the past on my platforms. So, go and find it and learn how to go about it.

The next is Instagram. Instagram even though have extended the length of Videos today, still, the rate behind Facebook for the vast opportunities these applications offer.

But you should also use it because people prefer shorter videos when they want to watch. And guess what. Instagram is making a whole lot of people rich today by availing them of real-life values.

The next is Twitter. And you can’t afford to ignore this very special application.

But most times, I tell people that it is an app to test your content creation skills. It will help you to redirect people to your shop or products on another platform. But it is one area that reaches far and wide in the fastest ways.

It uses shorter videos these days but still stands behind Facebook and Instagram in terms of videos.

Lastly is a YouTube channel.

This channel is basically for videos, even though they are advancing further with content types now. But it is your best bet to keep your video content. While you share it with other forums.

It has been monetized for a long time, just like Facebook to following its path today.

But to be able to earn from it, you must be able to create so much of visual content (videos) that can attract viewers.

Having put forward, these facts, you must know that your business is not performing optimally right now if it is not online yet.

If you have a reason to go online and you have difficulties to do so.

You can contact my team of experts at www.rocketsaleswithyou.com for more and we can jointly help your course.

You can call or WhatsApp 08027941987 for more details.


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