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Halamin Herbal Center (HHC) aspires to transition from being just a Trusted Herbal Center to a Trusted Patient Advisor to their customers. To achieve this, HHC identified some gaps in the knowledge and skill-sets of their Marketing and Sales Force that would need to be addressed. At the same time, they were concerned about recent sales trends especially as most businesses have rather become more inclined to doing businesses online and felt there was more that their team could be doing to attract, retain and grow their customer base.


Halamin Herbal Center engaged Rocketsales to help their Marketing & Sales Force Setup their online presence across major digital platforms and as well train the team to become more customer-centric, strategic, and better prepared for identifying opportunities and having high-value conversations with their customers.


  • Setup all major online and digital platforms to assist in achieving their goals of attracting, retaining and growing their customer base
  • Created A Brand Story Video that went viral within 30 days and shot their sales to over 700% sales
  • Delivered a customized Key Sales Management program to develop sales management and sales skills
  • Helped in redesigning their product packaging to attract their numerous target audiences in the market space
  • Redesigned product delivery program that allowed product distribution to various states and countries around the world.
  • Created an expansion plan that led to the center building her new edifice within the Abuja metropolis to accommodate their numerous clients from home and abroad.


Halamin Herbal Center found Rocketsales’s Marketing and Sales Support Services to be well researched and insightful. Sales Force were given the processes and tools to find and seize opportunities to grow their customers. Using the Sales plan developed during the period, within 2 weeks of completion Rocket Sales had already grown HHC customer base by over 200 patients under Patient management, which protects and grows the sales of their products considerably.

The Marketing and Sales Support enables sales team members to get the best out of their teams.


Client: Halamin Herbal Center
Industry: Health Industry
Services: Marketing and Sales Management, Sales Support, Insight Selling