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Catteomoo is a top-tier engineering, science, and operations company. As the firm grew and expanded the diversity of its offerings, they faced the challenge of maximizing value for clients across their full set of capabilities. They saw a great opportunity to grow sales accounts, but knew they needed a specific and focused effort or the promise of expanding work with existing accounts would not materialize.


Catteomoo engaged Rocketsales to help implement a strategic sales account management process and build strategic sales account management skills among their professionals and business development team. Rocketsales:

  • Analyzed professionals’ and business developers’ strengths, weaknesses, skills, and challenges in account management using the Rainmaker Assessment.
  • Delivered a customized Strategic Sales Account Management System that helped professionals to develop executive relationships, analyze and maximize value at their accounts, and effectively cross-sell while finding and aligning key buying influences.
  • Rolled out a Strategic Sales Account Planning tool, which provides an ongoing guide and system for keeping professionals focused on their opportunities.
  • Developed an Opportunity Management tool to be used in conjunction with the Strategic Sales Account Planning tool to help ensure that the likelihood of winning each sales opportunity is maximized.
  • Reinforced in-person training with an online training curriculum and regular webinars.


After implementing Rocketsales’s strategic sales account management process, Catteomoo saw significant growth in the named strategic sales accounts associated with the program. Through the recession, the 4-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Catteomoo was 7% across the board. However, in the named accounts where Rocketsales’s strategic sales account management method was applied, the 4-year CAGR was a whopping 110%.

In a single account alone, sales grew from a quarter of a million naira to #3.5 million as a direct result of implementing the strategic sales account plan.

The results of the strategic sales account management program were so strong they were featured at the Strategic Account Management Association’s (SAMA) national conference.


Client: Catteomoo

Industry: Engineering Industry
Services: Assessment, Strategic Account Management Consulting and Training