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15 Jul 2020

My Story On How To Make Millions Of Cash Selling For People

You Need To Read This Piece & Watch The Video

How To Make Millions Of Cash Selling For People

To start with, let me tell you a story about this video and I believe will give you hope for a great 2020.

But before doing that, I must inform you that there are 5 things you will learn from this entire piece I am about to share.

In 2012, I had just resigned my job and things got really difficult so much that I couldn’t fend for myself.

I lost everything………..

Incidentally, I was a widow at the time.

The world was coming down on me…

Then, I found a way out by starting to sell Land GSM Phones. I am sure I have told this story times without number.

But it is just worth telling you to remind you that no matter what you are going through today, there is a way out.

The entire story is in my book “How To Start A Business Without Money”.

But let me go straight to how this video was recorded.

Shortly before this time, in 2018 I was already doing well in my various businesses.

But somehow, things fell apart.

I needed to raise monies again, and it was also necessary to sell this book as it had to reason for me to just write and keep it.

So, I got in touch with this video guy who helped me out in reeling out about 30 video shots (I got only 10 though…. Lol).

Sincerely, he was nice enough to have done it at a giveaway price. I think I paid him about N100k or so. Can’t remember….. But he did a perfect job for me.

As you can see from the video, I was looking really stressed out.

I was basically sleeping in my office every day to be able to meet up with his time.

But when we finished, I couldn’t really use the videos, because there were still issues with raising monies to pay for the printing of my book.

Well, I got back to one of my clients whom I sold for years ago, to start selling for him again.

As soon as we started, I raised some amount of cash to pay for the printing of these books.

This was another hurdle, as the quantity was so much that I couldn’t just pay for everything at once especially because at this time, I already have a family I was catering for as well as other responsibilities.

So, it took me time to pay for the books.

Finally, when I was able to pay, I got the books and kept them in my store.

Why did I do that?

Simply because of my conscience.

I was worried that, if I am selling a book like this to people, I shouldn’t be struggling to make that money as well.

So, I resigned on the thought to push for the sales of this book.

Instead of just contemplating it, I rolled up my sleeves and started pushing more for the new product I started selling for my client.

I didn’t stop at that, I went on to start an affiliate product marketing for other companies.

Listen to me here…..

At this time, I had lost all my staff. I was always alone in my office working all day and night.

To cut the long story short, I made millions.

Went on to buy a parcel of land again to settle my clients I had just been defrauded on a deal I had with them.

It was now time to breathe fresh air of relief, and I started creating new videos and articles.

Now, what’s important in all of this story is simple.

It is very easy to make money in this country or wherever you can think of.

You don’t need the Government to provide you a job.

You have all it takes to provide you the kind of job that can give you the kinds of monies you want.

Now, these points are what I want you to take home.

First, don’t ever give up on yourself, no matter what.

Secondly, at every point of challenges in your life, there are one million and one opportunities just hanging in the air for you to grab. All that is required is for you to open your eyes and mind.

Thirdly, whatever it is you want, do not and I mean NEVER going with kids glove to do it. Do so much. Take massive actions as if it is your last moment on earth.

No. 4 – Remember integrity is key… It answers to the unseen challenges.

There are going to be battles, war, fights, obstacles. Do not fringe.

Do everything in your powers rightly…

Now I strongly believe that there is an unseen spirit that attracts great things but that’s only if you are sincere.

Integrity is key.

No. 5……. Search for knowledge. Learn all that matters. Read the books, watch the trainings, read the articles, just about everything that gets you closer to your goals.

No. 6….. Have your goals…. or whatever looks like the end results. Make those goals visual enough so that you can always be encouraged to work hard, even when it seems like it’s never going to work out.

For example, as you wake up or before you sleep. Imagine how you will be looking and feeling when you finally reach that point.

I can tell categorically that it’s on its own a driving force.

When you start doing it, smile, laugh, bounce around.

If you have your spouse with you, share it with him or her.

Make it real.

I know that sometimes, my wife just looks at me and feels the pity, and I would sense it.

But you know what, as soon as she does that, the next time I am appearing before her, I come with these excitements as if I have achieved it already.

I tell her stories, I share the glimpses of the results with her.

In fact, sometimes I mention the amounts of money that will come of what I was doing….. And before you know it, we are all back with a high spirit again.

No. 7….. Have a high spirit at all times. This is more about self-confidence.

I have just talked about that in No. 6, but in addition, what you simply just have to bear in mind here is this.

Only you can determine your joy. Not anyone.

So, learn to never be bitter about the things people do or say to you especially when you are in this position.

Develop an unrelenting confidence in yourself to come through whatever situation.

No. 8….. Have a game plan.

Your goals are great. Your goals are important.

But a zero game plan will definitely keep you in a fix.

This is simply saying if you know your trip is to go to Lagos…..

Then have a design of how you want to get to Lagos.

There are many routes.

There are lots of stoppages. Lots of things you must do on your way.

You need to know all of these and be able to arrange everything in accordance.

Let me buttress this point further.

When I lost everything, this is how my game plan was.

First, I knew I had to go back and sell something.

So, I decided on 2 things.

1… Sell for my former clients

2….Start affiliate marketing

So, I started by studying the various ways I can help sell online for my clients.

I discovered so much from this…

Went on to take a course as soon as I started making some change.

And before I knew it, I blew the internet with his products.

Now, I decided to connect with some major clients and got codes for their affiliates deals.

I paid a guy to help in creating a website for me in the US market and we got started.

I was just picking and dropping. This is basically also about DROPSHIPPING you may have been hearing about.

I began to read every material I found on sales.

In my whole life, I have never learned as much as I did during this period.

I took the journey like a do or die affair.

The truth is, there are people out there who want to laugh at you.

Don’t ever give them the chance.

I fought battles, I went through the path called hell, but in the end, there was light at the tunnel.

In closing, don’t take my words for it just yet.

Just go on to my various pages and see for yourself, what I do.

Trump-Hills Real Estate is mine.

Rocket Sales is mine.

Tim Abel is also mine.

Trenbay has been closed for now, to enable me concentrate on another venture.

But of course, I will be back again.

Now, I would like to give you a closing remark here.

If you want to make whatever amount of money, start by selling for people.

Finally, I want you to do something…..

I am creating an army of people who want to create income for themselves.

I am going to announce our first product soon.

The aim is to help you build your own house even without a dime.

I want to show you how you too can make that money on your own.

If housing is the biggest asset you can think of for now.

I will show you what to do.

So, go on and like my page….. then join the Mastermind Group where I shall be updating you on how we shall run it.

Check the link here to JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP


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