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30 Jun 2021

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21 May 2021

Looking For A Free Video Compressor Online For Your Videos? Then look no further as this Video Compressor App has since changed the landscape for Video Processing especially when you have to consistently release videos for your online activities. The paid version is one of its kind. I wouldn't ask you to use this if I didn't enjoy it compared to the various Apps I've been using ...

13 Dec 2020

8 Justifications To Use Freelancers When Starting Out
I never knew this when I first started out, so I made a very big blunder hiring just too many to do what they didn't know how to do except I would have to sit down and teach them. This of course didn't only impact negatively on my finances, but also on my focus, on my strength, and much more. I came to know about this months later while in one of my coaching programs with my mentor...

13 Dec 2020

Some Will Even Suggest It's A Scam & They're Kind of Right
Over the years, I have had a series of discussions with people, friends, family members, colleagues, and even teachers and influencers in my niche. Some will doubt my belief that anyone can change their financial situation and even become a millionaire, and some will even suggest it’s a scam, and they are kind of right. Let me show you something in words here: Society suggests i...

07 Dec 2020

5 Free Internet Marketing Automation Tools To Free Up Your Time
Sharing your blog posts via social media is a cost-effective way to promote your business. But if you’re not careful, social media marketing can consume a lot of your time. To make the best use of your time, it’s worth automating some of your social media activities. One of the best methods is to automatically share your blog posts from WordPress if you own a blog to each of you...

07 Dec 2020

These 10 Things Can Change Your Life & Income Drastically
Success doesn't come by accident. It is not luck, nor is it gifted. It is EARNED. Some people fail to understand this concept and that is why they are always willing to find who to blame. I have never seen a man or woman who doesn't tell you how difficult it was on that path. None. So, what the heck about your present-day challenges? What the heck about your current financial...

25 Nov 2020

In a world when dynamism is the order of the day..... Don't Go Into 2021 Without A Decision To Start Selling With Social Media This is obviously what you want to hear even if I didn't have to state the reasons why I am asking you to do so before 2021 arrives. But first, have you thought about increasing the sales of your products in recent times with social media platforms? W...

05 Nov 2020

Have you thought about increasing the sales of your products in recent times with social media platforms? What is keeping you from taking advantage of this massive opportunity in your palm? The rate at which people are now moving towards the internet lately has increasingly become a necessity for every business owner to think in this direction too. So, today, I want to give you ...

01 Sep 2020

Successfully Sell Anything Using This Form - Tim Abel This formula is designed to help Medium, Small, and Micro Businesses develop and unique way of communicating the values of their products instead of the features to their target audiences. It goes further to help you unravel identifying your target audience and the relevant pitching ideas to use when selling. https://youtu.be/1...

11 Aug 2020

7 Interesting Ways To Run Your Business From Home With The COVID-19 Pandemic The fear of contracting the virus is a major factor hindering businesses from striving as they ordinarily would want to, this has brought a major setback for business owners and even those wanting to venture the entrepreneurial landscape. But beyond that, there are several reasons why you need to start run...